Sledge Hammers


Sledgehammer is an instrument consisting of a large, plane base attached to a handle or (a lever). Metal is typically used to make the head. The sledgehammer can put in more pressure than other hammers like demolition hammers, due to its large size. Along with the mallet, it shares the ability to allocate force over an ample area.


Sledge hammer are found to be very helpful and essential house hold utensil. Sledge hammers are used when extensive power is required to be applied on the object needed to be broke. Sledge hammers can also be very beneficial for breaking and cracking masonry and similar hard objects. Sledge hammers are heavier thus it will provide greater force on the target. Sledge hammer are also very useful in fixing the poles in the ground and fixing the fences in the gardens. Sledge hammers are if not used with immense care and precautions are not followed, the hammering can bring him an extensive damage and injury even fractures.
Thus, for the safety of the user sledge hammers must be used with great care and precaution.
Another benefit of sledgehammers is for driving railroad spikes into wooden sleepers when rail tracks are constructed.  Sledge hammers are also used by blacksmiths and police force. Police force when need to take control over the property of any culprit by force generally thorough doors, use sledge hammer. Sledgehammers usually need two hands and a fluctuating motion as compare to smaller hammering tools used for driving in nails.

Types of sledge hammers:

 Sledge hammers are used during construction work as it distributes force on wide area. Having many types which are selected on the use required.

Splitting Maul:

The weight of this splitting maul is nearly 8lb. These are heavy hammers having long handles, is found useful for splitting pieces of wood. Sledge hammers in almost every case had two sides: one like axe and other like a normal hammer. In few places, these hammers can be named as block buster or block splitter. For making it long lasting these splitting hammers contains artificial heat-treated heads. This sledge hammer can also reveal unique handles giving more control to the user.

Machinist Hammers:

 An instrument used for striking and splitting objects is commonly known as machinist hammer. These hammers had such a steel head which has four sided and conical striking face that is supposed to put in repeated efforts. It is manufactured with tough bonding which gives it a very strong and firm grip. It also contains hardwood grips for strong holding. These are available easily with the maximum length of 11 inches.

German Hammers:

 The German average sledge hammer normally has a smaller handle than other sledges with heavy four sided wedged head. German hammers considered as heavy hammers, has weight range of maximum 23lbs which strike slightly though powerfully. To do the job the sledge hammers only need one strike as compare to other hammers which require at least four strikes. Specialized hammers are coated with special coatings through which it becomes more useful and safe in harmful situations.

Soft Steel Hammers:

 Soft steel sledge hammers are featured as having long thin handle and are lighter I weight. This type of sledge is used for less cut off when striking hardened steel. The sledge hammer has confident gripping handle.